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Rasta 42" Throw Beads (green, red, yellow, black assorted) 420 Celebration 40" Beads (green only) Small Shamrock 48" Throw beads (green & white assorted)
These are great throw beads they are sold only by the dozen and by the case, click on image for price. Take a stand against bad laws and the drug war. You'll want to get several cases of these beads for St. Patty's day, they are a big favorite.
Small Hearts 48" (red, silver, blue, green, gold, purple) Large Hearts 48" (red, silver, blue, green, gold, purple) 33" Throw Beads Assorted colors
If you're in a Valentine's day parade or event these are the perfect bead for throwing or giving away. Special case price. A larger version and more colors than the small hearts but really good throw beads and a special price for case orders. These are great throw beads, they come in assortment of colors red. silver, blue, purple, green, and gold, or you may buy case of one color.
Only $1.25 per Doz. when buying a case of 60 Doz
Pumpkin 48" Handstrung Beads 4mm 6 Braided Strand 38" Throw Beads Green & White Saxaphones 48" Beads (gold)
This is a unique and different bead and the quality is excellent. Classic style braided bead, that is great to buy by the case and thrown from the floats. Some people say the the saxaphone is the horn with the most sex appeal. If you wear enough of these beads you might get lucky.
Musical Instrument 48" Beads (gold) Shamrock 48" Beads (green) Medicine Man 33" on 10mm Gold & Black Disco Beads
Music is the foundation of all of Mardi Gras, these beads make a great throw from a float or balcony. The luck of the Irish will be with you when you throw these beads, you will need several cases to give you good luck all year around. Based on the Voodoo traditions of New Orleans, these beads will not only look good, but will bring you good luck, heath and wealth.
Wicked Witch of the West Fancy 42" GLOW Beads Single Mermaid 48" on 20mm Disco Beads Imagine 48" Beads
We have a lot of Halloween beads that make great trick or treat give aways for Halloween night goblins. This wicked witch bead can be worn on a Saturday night of clubbing just to give fair warning. This is a single version of the double Mermaid, with a different style of beads. We could all use more peace, Peace in our lives, Peace in our minds and Peace in the world.
Army Flag 42" Handstrung Beads Smoking Devil on 20mm Red & Black Disco Beads Glow Ghosts 48" Beads GLOW (green, yellow, orange assorted)
The Caissons go rolling along.  Show your support for the Army. A single version of the 3 Devil bead but with the same detail and high quality. These are really good for kids parties, they love the glow in the dark ghosts.
10mm Rainbow Treasure 36" Handstrung Beads Military Branches Flag 42" Handstrung Beads 20mm Disco 48" Throw Beads
These are truly beautiful beads with all the colors of the rainbow. Show your support for all branches of the Military with these fine beads. Shaped like a Disco Ball these beads can be worn for many occasions.
Butterfly 48" Throw Beads (red, silver, blue, green, gold, purple assorted) Football 48" Beads Assorted Colors Egyptian Pharaohs 33" on 20mm Gold & Black Disco Beads
These Butterfly throw beads are of a beautiful design and very detailed for a throw bead. These will go great for all the football events in the fall. Great for high school games. This is a beautiful and classy bead, and is said to bring with it the wisdom of the Pharaohs.
Irish Boots & Ladies Shoes on 33" Throw Beads Western Boots & Ladies Shoes on 33" Gold Throw Beads Western Boots & Ladies Shoes on 33" Bronze Throw Beads
The Luck of the Irish is in these beads and you'll dance better when you wear these. This unique bead is a keepsake. These are some really attractive beads and make a great present to a young lady.
King Cake Baby 36" Pearl Beads Alligator & Goldfish 48" Handstrung Beads Green, Gold, Purple Alligator & Goldfish 48" Handstrung Beads Pearl
The Alligator is the state reptile for La. These are classic with Mardi Gras colors, and goldfish The Alligator is the state reptile for La. These are classic with pearls, and goldfish.