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Alligator & Goldfish 48" Handstrung Beads Blue & Orange Chain 40" GLOW Beads (green, yellow, orange assorted) Chili Peppers 38" Handstrung Beads
The Alligator is the state reptile for La. These are classic with beautiful blue and orange beads, and goldfish. The glow in the dark beads are in great demand especially after the lights went out in the superdome during the last super bowl. For those hot summer nights when your going out for Mexican food and some Latin music, you'll want to wear your  pepper beads.
Deluxe Mask 38" Handstrung Beads Formal Pearls 38" Handstrung Beads Dolphin 48" Handstrung Beads
Nothing says Mardi Gras like masking.  Here the traditional MG mask are in bead form.  All the girls will love to wear them so you guys better buy lots of them. These are classic Mardi Gras, classy enough to wear all year . You will want to wear these beautiful dolphin beads, not just at Mardi Gras but when you go to the beach, or that vacation trip to Jamaica.
Jester Fool 48" Handstrung Beads Purple, Green & Gold Irish Pride Fancy Pearl 38" Handstrung Beads Bayou Hatching Turtle Eggs 48" Handstrung Beads
The Jester character is a Mardi Gras tradition from the early days of Mardi Gras.  These beautiful beads go great with any costume and are a must for all Jesters and Jokers. These beads bring the luck of the Irish as well as show Irish Pride. A unique bead showing baby turtles being hatched, turtles are known in the New Orleans area for bringing good fortune.
Crowing Cock 33" Handstrung Beads Conch Shell 48" Handstrung Beads Rasta Jet Ski on 42" GLOW Beads
The crowing Fighting Rooster is in many New Orleans stories and legends. This is a great bead to wear at the next chicken drop. When you get your set of these beautiful beads, hold them up to your ear, you can hear the ocean. Nice high quality fun beads.
Luck of the Irish Flag 42" Handstrung Beads Fleur de Lis 48" Throw Beads Mermaid 48" Handstrung Beads pastel
This is a great bead for St. Patties Day, you will want several cases to give to all your friends. These throw beads are fought after by all Saints Fans, Who Dat? These beads are really high quality, they can and will be worn on many occasions, they also make a great display above an aquarium or in a beach house.
Clownfish 48" Handstrung Beads Pow Flag 42" Handstrung Beads Bayou Classic Flag 42" Handstrung Beads
You will find a lot of occasions to wear these beautiful beads, not just when you're playing the clown. We must never forget the one's left behind. This bead is very popular with the Bayou Classic fans. You'll need several cases to meet the demand.
Key West Conch Republic Flag 42" Handstrung Beads Vampire Deluxe 42" Handstrung Beads Parrot & Pirate 48" Handstrung Beads
We have a lot of Halloween beads that make great trick or treat give aways for Halloween night goblins. These Vampire beads will raise the dead. Arrrrrr .......what good is a pirate, without a parrot.
Smoking Devil 33" Handstrung Beads Bayou Hatching Alligator Eggs 48" Handstrung Beads Frankenstein Deluxe 42" Handstrung Beads
Really a great Halloween bead but can be worn on many occasions.  The detail in this bead is unreal. What a unique bead baby Alligators hatching from their eggs, goes well with the beads of baby turtles hatching. It's Alive, It's Alive and you'll be shocking in your Frankenstein Deluxe, 42" Handstrung Beads.  We have a lot of Halloween beads, that make great trick or treat give away's for Halloween night goblins.
Ghostly Ghost Deluxe 42" Handstrung Beads Bozo the Clown 48" Handstrung Beads Purple, Green & Gold Bayou Pelican 48" Handstrung Beads
This is not Casper, these are bad ghosts. We have a lot of Halloween beads, that make great trick or treat give aways for Halloween night goblins. Everyone loves Bozo and they will love the Bozo Beads also. The La. state bird is the Pelican, these birds were almost extinct in the 60's and 70's but now have made a great come back.
Mardi Gras Bananas 36" Handstrung Beads Rebel Flag 42" Handstrung Beads Italian Flag 42" Handstrung Beads
These unique and colorful beads will go with a lot of different outfits. The rebel flag is a part of the nations history. These beads are great to wear to the Italian Festival and for all Italian occasions, like national pizza day and "invention of the T-shirt" day.