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Puerto Rican Flag 42" Handstrung Beads Texas Flag 42" Handstrung Beads Legalize It Flag 42" Handstrung Beads
Not yet a state but all Puerto Rican's are proud of their flag. The eyes of Texas are upon you and so will everyone else's eyes when you wear these groovy Texas Flag beads. State your position with these Bob Marley beads.
British Flag 42" Handstrung Beads German Flag 42" Handstrung Beads Polish Flag 42" Handstrung Beads
Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves, Britain's never, never shall be slaves, so wear your flags proudly. You will want to buy a case or two of these for next Octoberfest. The first country to break away from the USSR in the cold war.  Show your support for freedom by wearing the Polish Flag.
Flower Bouquet 48" Handstrung Beads Zulu Warriors 33" Handstrung Beads Fruit Necklace & Earring Set Purple, Green & Gold Metallic
This high quality hand made bead is very popular, and are worn on many occasions. A fun set with matching earrings, this is great for young girls birthday parties or parade throws.
Fruit Necklace & Earring Set Mother of Pearl Fruit Necklace & Earring Set Translucent Czechoslovakian Glass Bead-Pink
A fun set with matching earrings, this is great for young girls birthday parties or parade throws. This is a fun set and is great as party favors at a girls birthday party.
Czechoslovakian Glass Bead-Blue Czechoslovakian Glass Bead-Purple, Green & Gold Czechoslovakian Glass Bead-Orange
Czechoslovakian Glass Bead-Brown Voodoo Money Doll Beads USA  RED, WHITE, & BLUE
Voodoo Money Doll Beads
Our Price: $2.99
Our Price: $2.99
Geat  bead  for 4th of July  Reg.  2.99
Eagle with Pride Flag 44" Handstrung Beads Eagle with Rebel Flag 44" Handstrung Beads Working Slot Machine 48" Handstrung Beads
The American eagle with the rainbow flag, truly American. The American Eagle with the flags of the South. They say that these beads will really improve your slot machine winnings when you wear them to a casino. We are just not sure who "they" are.
Roulette Table with Spinning Wheel 48" Handstrung Beads Blackjack Table with Rotating Cards 48" Handstrung Beads Squeaky Dog 44" Handstrung Beads
Set these beads to your winning numbers the night before, wear them to bed and then hit the tables. For those that want serious money from the blackjack tables set your beads to the winning numbers and sit back and rake in the winnings. These squeaky dog beads are loved by children, but don't let the dogs have them.
Squeaky Bear 44" Handstrung Beads Casino Jester Combination 48" Handstrung Beads Handpainted Ceramic African Jester 48" Handstrung Beads
Kids love these squeaky Bear beads, give them a squeeze. The workmanship on this bead is amazing, You had better buy them by the case if you're going to do Mardi Gras on Bourbon St. because all the girls will want them. Truly a collectible set of beads, this hand painted African Jester is a must for all Mardi Gras bead collections.
Czechoslovakian Glass Bead Flowers-Purple, Green & Gold Czechoslovakian Glass Bead Flowers-Orange & Black Czechoslovakian Glass Bead Flowers-Pink & White